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House of Hotels is the hotel real estate agent in the Netherlands. The team of House of Hotels is in daily contact with hoteliers, owners, developers, municipalities and other stakeholders.

Looking for a hotel for sale in Amsterdam, are you considering buying a hotel in Amsterdam or you are looking for a hotel broker in Amsterdam please contact us.

Based on our unique position and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit is House of Hotels able to assist its clients in a pragmatic and efficient manner with the purchase of a hotel in the dynamic hotel landscape.

House or a Hotel best hotels available on the Dutch market.

Because we have close contact with hotel operators in the country, we know what’s going on.┬áTo find easily the hotel you want.

The available hotels range from a family hotel on one of the islands to luxury hotels in the center of Amsterdam.

So we can, with our years of experience in buying and selling of hotels, give you optimal service in the buying process.